Source URL:https://github.com/ogham/exa/archive/v0.9.0.tar.gz
Source Hash:96e743ffac0512a278de9ca3277183536ee8b691a46ff200ec27e28108fef783
Homepage:Not Listed
Summary:A modern replacement for ls
Description:"exa is a modern replacement for ls. It uses colours for information by default, helping
you distinguish between many types of files, such as whether you are the owner,
or in the owning group. It also has extra features not present in the original ls,
such as viewing the Git status for a directory, or recursing into directories with
a tree view. exa is written in Rust, so it\u2019s small, fast, and portable.\n"
Package File:https://dev.getsol.us/source/exa
Build Dependencies:cargo
exa-0.9.0-4 files:/usr/bin/exa
exa-dbginfo-0.9.0-4 files:/usr/lib/debug/.build-id/52/bf4d5a770e439443b0fd8c60d1a1a5bc7b3603.debug
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